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Oregon Congressional District 3:

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Albert Lee is a sixth generation American and an immigrant at the same time. Born in South Korea to an African-American Army dad and a Korean mom, he grew up in working class St. Louis, next door to Ferguson. His family persevered and overcame domestic violence and homelessness.

After graduating from his fifth high school, he became a 1st generation college graduate and then served the Army. He has worked in international trade, project management, and business before becoming a first generation law school graduate. He worked in legal research, for the American Bar Association, and has been a small business owner. His last position was as Dean for Business and Computing at Portland Community College.

Albert has volunteered with many organizations including: APANO, United States Commission on Civil Rights, the Citizen Review Committee (City of Portland, Independent Police Review), TriMet Transit Equity Advisory Committee, Health Care for All Oregon, NAACP, the Giving Tree, and many more.

Albert brings the professional and lived experience necessary to bring true representation and to fight for the people. He vows not to take corporate contributions and doesn’t hold the divided interests of our incumbent.

Mark Gamba is the Mayor of the blue-collar city of Milwaukie, Oregon. He left behind a 30 year career as a photojournalist, working with clients like National Geographic, Carhartt and Adidas, to serve the public because of his deep concern about the issues facing our communities. He has spent the last 8 years in service to the City of Milwaukie focused on housing affordability, fighting climate change, and protecting our neighbors. However as we look around our region we continue to see people struggling, not being able to feed their children, not being able to afford to go to the doctor, and experiencing homelessness.

We know there are solutions to these problems and we need people in the U.S. Congress with the political will to get these issues fixed without being beholden to the corporations that fund our current elected officials. That’s why Mark is running for Congress.

In Milwaukie, Mark has championed the creation and design of the cities climate action plan. Milwaukie now has one of the most aggressive climate action plans for a city of our size in the state. Under his leadership, the city is also addressing homelessness by developing a better system for connecting people to resources and focusing on increased housing options with over 400 new units of affordable housing under construction. He led the city council in passing a construction excise tax, and they are currently partnering with the county to expand an affordable housing project by 200-300%, as well as working to change zoning laws to allow more naturally affordable types of housing to be built. Real people should be running for congress, not just millionaires and billionaires. We need working class Americans protecting their communities by getting elected by their neighbors. We need proven leaders and climate campions like Mark Gamba in congress.