Platform Overview


  • The folks at Justice Democrats National have put together a pretty good platform, and we’ve copied it here:National Platform
  • They’ve got some other good stuff you might want to look at, and that’s here:National Website


  • We at Justice Oregon Democrats think the emphasis on environment needs to be more explicit, so we’ve given it its own category here:Environment
  • And we want to include a couple of other ideas under ‘Economy’, here:Economy
  • National calls this “Defending our rights”. We choose to call it ‘Care’, because our nation has a long history of ignoring rights and maybe cleaning up after it later and maybe not, but if we’re caring for each other, that’s *now*. Here:Care
  • And, finally, National calls this “Defending our democracy”, which is great as far as it goes, but we don’t think it goes far enough. We’ve got more to defend, here:Integrity