Projects Overview

Systemic Reform:

There are numerous faults with our current electoral system, of which the Federal Electoral College is the most famous. This project is to identify and develop strategies to address these faults.

Electoral College

Why is this 18th century trap-door still with us?

Corporate Personhood

After the unimitigated disaster of the Citizens United decision, we have witnessed our political culture being strip-mined by corporations for the benefit of their boards and stockholders. There are two ways we can end this.


Remember the text on the inscription of the Statue of Liberty? Why don’t we get serious about it?

Responsible Communications

We have seen our public media disintegrate into partisan propaganda. We’ve already had the tools to fix that, and we threw them away. Let’s fish ’em out of the garbage and use ’em.

Civic Reform:

It has not so far been broadly addressed, but it should be intuitively obvious that the job of ‘citizen’ is a large and complicated one, and has come to require substantial support and assistance, which our political systems do not supply. This project is to provide the citizenry with the support and assistance it needs to do its job, including specifically the emotional support of realizing the difficulty of that job and the previous negligence of not supporting it. Email Project Manager; volunteers eagerly solicited.

End Unneccessary Wars:

So first thing about reducing war is that we have to acknowledge that since WWII, the US has consistently been the most warlike nation on the planet, and it’s our own mess we’re trying to clean up. Further, dealing with the “war on terror”, we have never engaged with a terrorist enemy that was not trained and equipped by us. So we should stop doing that.

Engineering Projects:

Reducing Carbon

Environmental Repair

Social Projects:

Environmental Inspiration

Social Connection

Citizenry Building:


The City In A Box is the most energy and environmentally efficient way for people to live that has yet been devised. Only a prototype has so far been built, and we need production versions. This is how we’ll build one.

Link Library

If you’re in need of some inspiration, or just need to feel there might be hope for this world, have a look at the amazing solutions being invented.

Link Library

Art Projects:

Princess Akrasia Podcast

Disaster Prevention:


Seismic Events

Preventing Asteroid Strikes

Propose a New Project

We’re turning the crank as fast as we can, but we’re under no illusion that we’ve identified all the problems or found all the solutions. If you have a new problem to address or a new solution to propose, please send us an email and let us know.