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We, the People,” starts out our Constitution. Lincoln later elaborated this as “A government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Yet now we, those people, find ourselves governed by a class of professional governors who no longer answer to us, and for the benefit of a few ultra-wealthy individuals rather than all of us as a whole.

How do we get our country back? Parties are how our system does politics, so trying to work within the system means working with one of the two main existing political parties. While both of them have either become corrupt or started that way, the Democratic party has been making an ongoing effort to limit its corruption and police itself, and despite the faltering and limited success of this effort we think our best chance of having our interests addressed by our government is to bring the Democratic Party back to its roots as a party of *all* the people.

Our fellows in our National organization think that electing progressive candidates to Congress is the best way to accomplish this. While we think electing progressives to Congress is a great idea, and we are delighted to work with them towards the goal of achieving it, we think that reforming the Democratic Party is best accomplished by working within the Party itself, to earn our way to the elected offices of the Party and put ourselves in formally recognized positions to change it. (This is the “Party Reform” project on our Projects page.)

Will you JOIN US? We’d love to have your help, and help you in turn develop your own political organization (See ‘Citizenry Building’).

We can do this. We *are* this.


We Need:




We can vote for candidates, we can vote for bills, and we can support policies, which are sometimes represented by bills, sometimes by candidates, sometimes both, and sometimes not yet either and we have to create our own.

These are the Nationally supported candidates: National Candidates

These are the state-supported but not yet nationally supported candidates: Oregon Candidates

These are the state and local bills we support: Bills in Oregon

And these are the policies we support: Our Platform