This project is to support politicians and potential politicians in forming and pursing progressive agendas, and to replace politicians that are either uninterested in or incapable of pursing such agendas with politicians who will actively pursue them.

Identify Issues and Support Issues:

This function tracks what the representative or candidate is declaring as their intention, and what actions they then take to support it, and also informs that representative or candidate of our opinions of what they are doing and what we would further like to see.

Electoral Support:

This function is the traditional political activism of helping candidates who are pursuing our agenda to get elected or re-elected.

Practices Reform:

The rules, customs, and people of our Federal Congress have conclusively proven that the institution as a whole has been for some time incapable of doing its job, and institutionally uninterested in so doing. The Electoral Support function is working on addressing the people aspect of this; the rules and customs still need to be either revamped or replaced.