Environment is too vital an issue to be lumped in under ‘Economy’. Environment is a precondition for *having* an economy. Reducing Emissions is vitally necessary, and also insufficient. Sequestering carbon is equally necessary, and equally insufficient. We don’t *know* how to fix what we’ve broken, and Figuring out how should be our highest national priority.

Environment is a global concern, and we’ve squandered most of our political capital by bombing the shit out of whomever got in the way of us stealing the stuff they were sitting on. If we believed in capital punishment, we would make it a capital offense to wage offensive or commercial war. The power to make war must be placed back firmly under the control of Congress and removed from the corrupt hands of the Executive. And to whatever extent possible it must be made clean, as well, starting with banning all depleted-uranium weapons.

The Green New Deal is a political tool to shield workers from the effects of the economic reallocation of resources this effort requires, and we strongly endorse it as such. In considering the issues here, we find it clearer and more efficient to deal with environmental rescue, economically supporting the populace, and adapting our society to a permanent state of change as separate issues; we can then knit them back together to make a single “deal” out of them.