Environmental Inspiration

Many scientific breakthroughs occur because some researcher doesn’t know they can’t do something. We have a whole population of young people who don’t know what’s impossible. We can use this strength to develop the new ideas that we can use to obviate environmental catastrophe.

There are two main resources that need to be contributed to make this work. The first is collegiality: Most scientists spend much of their time talking with colleagues, and it is in this collegial conversation that a lot of inspirations occur. So we need to provide our young researchers with people who are interested in similar projects and are willing to engage in involved discussion about them. And we have a bunch of older people, with varying levels of expertise in varying areas, who would be delighted to put that to use, and only need a bit of remedial training to learn to let their “juniors” lead their own projects.

The second is a program management office. This provides help and support in turning an idea into a project, defining resource requirements, aiding in resource acquisition, and assembling a team to pursue the now-defined project.

This project exists to help people who want to save the world devise the plans they need to do so.

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