Systemic Reform

There are numerous faults with our current electoral system, of which the Federal Electoral College is the most famous. This project is to identify and develop strategies to address these faults.

Electoral College:

Why is this 18th century trap-door still with us?

Eliminate or Expand Corporate Personhood:

After the unmitigated disaster of the Citizens United decision, we have witnessed our political culture being strip-mined by corporations for the benefit of their boards and stockholders. There are two ways we can end this.

Open Immigration:

Remember the text on the inscription of the Statue of Liberty? Why don’t we get serious about it?

Responsible News:

We have seen our public media disintegrate into partisan propaganda. We’ve already had the tools to fix that, and we threw them away. Let’s fish ’em out of the garbage and use ’em.

Unconditional Universal Basic Income:

Positive Proxy:

This is an implementation of direct democracy devised to:

  • Eliminate gerrymandering
  • Obviate term limits
  • Address the problem of 49% of the voters being unrepresented because they voted for a losing candidate